Terra-i participates in the 12th Regional Workshop on Forest Monitoring GEO GFOI

São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil
Oscar Bautista

Terra-i was invited to participate in the 12th Regional Workshop on Forest Monitoring GEO GFOI held at Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil (January 19th - 23th, 2015).

Group photo of all the specialists who participated in the workshop.

The goal of the 12th Regional Workshop on Forest Monitoring GEO GFOI was to showcase the existing methodologies for early warning deforestation systems and Near Real Time monitoring systems (NRMS) to the Latin American SilvaCarbon countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.

The country session included the status and plans of each participating country in developing and implementing Early Warning Systems (EWS) for deforestation. The presentation by the Peruvian officials demonstrated how Terra-i can be used as a tool for land use planning, to assist in decision making for climate change mitigation, forest and biodiversity protection and conservation, ecosystem services assessment, environmental enforcement and other uses.

The Peruvian Environment Ministry (MINAM) representative Brian Zutta demonstrating how to use Terra-i as a tool for near real time deforestation monitoring in Peru (see http://terra-i.org/terra-i/data/data-terra-i_peru).

The EWS session featured presentations of on-going work to development methodologies for improving EWSs using Modis and Landsat data both separately and combined, and the presentations also included commercial alternatives of recent developments that are available on the market.

Terra-i participated in the NRTMS for deforestation detection session, where we showed the system features and methodologies, highlighting the importance of NRTMS tools, such as Terra-i, for assessing deforestation at the regional scale and also as a tool to assist in decision making. The workshop also included a session presenting advances on Fire EWS and developments on fire forecast systems.

View presentation: Presentation of terra-i at the event


The Terra-i team thanks the US SilvaCarbon program and the INPE for the invitation and organization of this regional event. This set of events enhanced the institutions' decision making capabilities using geo-spatial information with the aim of achieving the common purpose of reducing deforestation.

Blog post by Oscar Bautista.

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